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Our main profile is manufacturing MIG and TIG welding torches. In the followings You can read about the major principles of producing our products.

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Manufacturing objectives

Basically we manufacture welding torches applyable for industrial use, up to 500 A (MIG) / 300 A (TIG) amperage. Our products are 100 % Binzel fit, so where a Binzel torchs is needed, our will do the job - with no compromise in quality, but really on a budget friendly price. our main objectives are lengthy life span, working comfort and reliable performance - the actually important features for a welding torch.

Parts & materials

Our torches are made of first class parts and materials. This regrads both our standard and custom products. It is important for us our torches to be used with satisfactory for many years, so we use durable and precisely worked parts for manufacturing. All our handles provide a comfortable grip, and are made of durable materials, with good wall thickness and inner reinforcements. We consider it highly important to assamble our torches with cable cross sect. that fits EN-60974-7 at the given type and amperage. We pre-assemble the coaxial, water current and gas current cables ourselves, so we guarantee the proper cable cross sect.

Why is cable cross sect. important for me?

Because the heat generated on the cable is reciprocally proportional to conductor cross section. Using a thinner cable might be cheaper, but has two effects. First, You have to rest Your torch longer to cool down, so Your actual duty cycle decreases. Second, the cable can be spoilt easier and sooner. Both decrease Your productivity, and if the torch has to be repaired due tot he burnt cable, it costs much more then what You have „saved” by buying a torch with thinner cable. It is worth buying a torch with proper cable cross section.

Individual quality check

All our torches are individually quality checked. We examine the fittings, operating buttons, and on water cooled types we apply pressure test.

Shipping time

All our torches are manufactured on order. It requires 1-3 workdays, depending on the quantity of the order.