About our TIG torches

Basically we manufacture TIG torches for industrial use, up to 300 A amperage. Our products are 100 % Binzel fit, so where a Binzel torchs is needed, our will do the job - with no compromise in quality, but really on a budget friendly price. our main objectives are lengthy life span, working comfort and reliable performance - the actually important features for a welding torch.

Our TIG range contains gas- and water cooled types with fix or flexible neck, Dinse type plugs and 3 kind of grips. Cable length: 4 or 8m, or altered on demand. The torch doesn’t contain the uperating plugs as default, but we add it if You like, or can be purchased separately.

The variety of TIG torches is limitless. Here below we introduce our standard types and the optional features.


A gas- or water cooled TIG type that complies all demands. The GRIP handle with rubber inlay provides a comfortable and firm grip in alla circumstances. The leather extension makes the cable buncs more flexible and durable.

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Reliable and durable gas- or water cooled TIG torches on budegt friendly prices. Handle: Trafimet type. Basically it is manufactured with single micro-switch, but with 2 or. 4 micro-switch also available.

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Gas cooled valve TIG torches for universal welding inverters.

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Optional features

The variety of TIG torches is limitless, Our standard types can be ordered with many kind of optional features. Click for further information.

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