General terms

Welcome to the English platform of our website!

In our webshop currently You only can pay in HUF, but You don't need to worry, the product listed on the shop (and many more) can be ordered via e-mail and paid in EUR. Please contact us for our price list.

We manufacture all our torches  on order (except TBV types), so it takes 2-3 workdays to complete the order. When You contact us, we will always inform You when your pack will be ready.

Payment and shipment conditions are going to be negotiated individually, to find the most comfortable, the cheapest and the quickest, so the best solution for You.

By this moment You might not find English transcription to all products. If You are interrested in details of some products, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help. We are continously working on the English platform.

Thank You for visiting our site, we hope You will enjoy it.